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The mansion was stately without, commodious and elegant within; the park was spacious and beautiful, chiefly on account of its magnificent old trees, its stately herds of deer, its broad sheet of water, and the ancient woods that stretched beyond it: for there was no broken ground to give variety to the landscape, and but very little of that undulating swell which adds so greatly to the charm of park scenery.
"Now, Asa, richly do you deserve to be left with an earthen bed this blessed night!" the woman began to mutter, with a revolution in her feelings, that will not be surprising to those who have made the contradictions that give variety to the human character a study.
'HOW do you do?' said the other gentleman, altering the emphasis, as if to give variety to the salutation.
With a touch of creativity, you can also add scrap wood flooring to give variety, something that is not possible with carpets.
The levels themselves run in all sorts of different perspectives to give variety. But beware, just like back in 1996, the controls and responsiveness of button presses are there to frustrate you - and they definitely succeed in doing so (have a pillow handy to throw your controller into so as not to smash it on level four of Crash 2).
She said: "I like places that give variety. There is a good market there.
Kate created an array of identities through social media, starting from bikini babe to her hot couture red carpet moments, Upton made sure that everything is shared on internet so that she can give variety to the audience.
"You can get value for money there but they offer a basic or standard level of commodity, they don't venture into luxury goods, they don't give variety or offer the latest styles and they take away the staple business from independents."
He likes to give variety to his menus and has presented many a theme night at the Cross Inn showcasing dishes from Greece, Portugal, America and Wales, as well as France.
Work hard to give variety in mid week, good pub quiz, open mic night, occasional band night and a good variety of beer.
Being an entertainment news broadcaster, the digital space would give Variety Arabia the right platform to update its audience live and interact with them."