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The PML-N workers had decided to stage protests from March 17 to March 23 at various locations to protest against the treatment being meted out to the three-time premier."I have come to know that the workers, being worried over my health condition, want to assemble outside Kot Lakhpat jail to give vent to their sentiments.
As a result, the viewer sees two worlds coming together: one, which belongs to the past with strong concepts of heaven and earth; two, the contemporary world, which, by the way, is largely expressed through the media that Bukhari has chosen to give vent to his feelings with.
To give vent to Kebbi state as a notable cultural tourism destination and to also fully activate multi countdown tourism activities to boost and generate tourism traffic for Argungu fishing festival next year.
He said the youths were being pushed to the wall leaving no option for them than to consider other paths to give vent to their sentiments.
But Brexit has allowed some on the more repressed side of right-wing politics to give vent to their prejudices.
History tells us that employees usually find ways to give vent to their feelings of protest whatever Tory politicians do to prevent it, and I hope this will remain true in the future.
The anti-war musical, which was first staged in 1963 by Joan Littlewood and her ensemble at the London-based Theatre Workshop, sees cast members getting the chance to play several different roles and "give vent to their thespianic talents at many levels", according to organisers.
But the city's walls are not the place to give vent to their desperation and unrequited love.
Your correspondent is well known for his antipathy of wind turbines and never misses an opportunity to give vent to his views.
I have more respect and admiration for such as the Salvation Army who have been out night after night trying to bring some comfort and support to the homeless than all the fireside critics who set themselves up as intellectually superior in order give vent to their bitter and twisted logic.
MALKY MACKAY is happy for the Cardiff fans to give vent to their feelings when the Bluebirds face Southampton today.
Ahmadinejad to give vent to his anti-Israeli sentiments.