give warning

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These signals are usual among the Indians, to give warnings to each other, or to call home straggling hunters; and such is the transparency of the atmosphere in those elevated plains, that a slight column of smoke can be discerned from a great distance, particularly in the evenings.
The Minister said Central Water Commission which gives advance warning of flood in the rivers has now been instructed to give warning about any increase in the water level of lakes of more than 50 hectares size and located in high altitude.
They also issued notice against three hotels due to the poor sanitation system and give warning that they should take immediately precautionary measures in this regard respectively.
The Dampney Thurmalox[R] 260 TIC series of coatings is designed to give warning when a pipe, vessel, reactor, transfer line, or similar equipment overheats as a result of failure of refractory linings or the bypassing of hot gasses.
The figures give warning of inflationary pressures lingering in the economy, although experts still expect an interest rate cut to 5.
As a driver who also likes walking our public footpaths, especially the pleasant Taff Trail, I have been clipped, forced into bushes, splashed with mud and sworn at by senseless, speeding cyclists who think they have priority but neither give warning nor slow down and I find some paths almost impassable for mud churned up by cyclists.
Tobacco companies are required to give warning labels on no less than 50% of the packaging with an age requirement of 19 for the purchase of cigarettes.
Jay Tate of Spaceguard UK said the planet is overdue a catastrophic asteroid hit but countries around the world have not bought a set of six telescopes which could give warning.
Takeo is perceptive in the extreme, able to hear the most muffled voices distinctly, and to cross silently a floor built expressly to "sing" and thereby give warning of any approach.
It was part of a chain of lookouts from Anglesey to Liverpool designed to give warning of shipping arriving in the port.
The grinder offers thermal overload protection to reduce motor burnout--a light signal flashes to give warning of impending overload if the temperature approaches the maximum permissible value.