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It is a great responsibility for our consortium to face a work of this magnitude that will give work to more than 180 people."
The President said he would be willing to give work to Cam.
Are there no architectural companies on Merseyside who could have produced a more aesthetically pleasing building and located it in a more suitable location, and also give work to local people?
Of course governments give work to private sector companies which creates or sustains jobs but he cannot deny that all governments are notorious for wasting enormous amounts of taxpayers' money.
They are also pleased that having WORKED with local Jobcentre Plus staff, they have been able to give WORK to 70 people who were previously unemployed.
A FEW months back I wrote about the outrage that Remploy factories, which give work to people with disabilities, were being shut down by the Government.
The EU must, without delay, make work more attractive, give work to the unemployed and find a balance between job security and flexibility on the labour market, according to the Social Europe guide'.
I believe these new bins come from France; Why, oh why, did England not get the chance, To manufacture and supply them to our hall doors, Give work to our boys and girls once more.
This visit will only give work to a limited number of people for a short time.
Laws coming in this year will make companies liable to fines of up to pounds 2,000 per employee if they knowingly give work to illegal immigrants and bosses could be jailed.
Peter Croft, Stena Line's Holyhead-based marketing co-ordinator, said: "We switched the contract from Kent to an Anglesey garage because it was a chance to give work to local businesses and the people they employ."
The London Development Agency said the aim was to give work to almost 1,000 unemployed people, provide extra training for 1,500 workers and boost 250 businesses in the capital.