give work to

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Are there no architectural companies on Merseyside who could have produced a more aesthetically pleasing building and located it in a more suitable location, and also give work to local people?
They are also pleased that having WORKED with local Jobcentre Plus staff, they have been able to give WORK to 70 people who were previously unemployed.
A FEW months back I wrote about the outrage that Remploy factories, which give work to people with disabilities, were being shut down by the Government.
I believe these new bins come from France; Why, oh why, did England not get the chance, To manufacture and supply them to our hall doors, Give work to our boys and girls once more.
This visit will only give work to a limited number of people for a short time.
Having done its job exposing what went wrong, the commission's work now must give work to our elected officials, who must demonstrate that they've done and continue to do all they can to make America safer.
The answer is simply to confiscate the businesses and bank accounts of any people who knowingly give work to these illegal immigrants.
New, large Southeast Asian producing countries are emerging such as Vietnam and Cambodia, where production costs are far lower and where it is of national priority to give work to the low income groups of the population.
Traveling to cities from Charleston to San Diego--and in some cases overseas--these operations, which commonly intermingle dancers from various troupes and even give work to those who are unattached, seem to suit all concerned.
is no longer available, has decided to give work to as many day-players capable of spouting watery humanism as is possible.