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This result is even more apparent if give-ups are excluded.
A growing number of VIN-switched vehicles are suspected to be "owner give-ups."
As Ashbridge put it, "We're seeing more give-ups pretty much across the board."
"Arrests for crimes like auto give-ups and fraudulent no-fault insurance claims have increased because of the depressed economy, but the greater number of arrests can also be credited to stepped up cooperation with local officials across the state, as well as a sharper focus on major cases," said Insurance Superintendent Eric Dinallo.
It is accomplished by answering questions like: "To where do I want to get?" "Why do I want to get there?" "For whom would I be making the change; others, or myself?" "What do I expect to get out of the change should I achieve it?" "What do I think I can reasonably and realistically expect to do?" Very importantly, is a consideration of what are the "give-ups," and can I, do I want to, commit to making them?
Note: The Coalition does take into account "auto give-ups" in the abovementioned figures.
I have yet to be convinced that there is truly a magic bullet drug--no work, no pain, no struggle, no "give-ups" and no need for personal health-promoting behavior change--that can deal broadly with the obesity epidemic.
As the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports, there has been a noticeable increase in vehicle arsons, owner give-ups, and theft of precious materials and other goods.
The same goes for analyzing the "give-ups" that accompany any new behaviors, defining success for yourself, setting priorities and getting and staying mobilized.