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This result is even more apparent if give-ups are excluded.
In 2009, the Insurance Information Institute identified the top cities for auto give-ups as Houston, Tex.
As Ashbridge put it, "We're seeing more give-ups pretty much across the board.
Working in cooperation with the Frauds Bureau and other law enforcement agencies, insurance industry fraud investigators, are increasingly vigilant about owner give-ups and are aggressively investigating them," Ellen Melchionni, spokesperson for the Group said.
Arrests for auto give-ups increased 35 percent over the previous year, jumping from 96 to 130 arrests.
As the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports, there has been a noticeable increase in vehicle arsons, owner give-ups, and theft of precious materials and other goods.
It identified exporting cars to other countries, owner give-ups in which a false theft report is made to collect insurance proceeds, and chop shops as major trends contributing to the problem.