given due consideration

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Speaking on the occasion, Tehsil Nazim Usman Ali Khan said that public aspirations would be given due consideration in initiating developmental projects.
He listened to me patiently and has assured that he will be given due consideration.
Jitendra Singh said, the government is keen to promote all kinds of upward activities in Biotech sector and said that the suggestions offered by the ABLE would be given due consideration and dealt with a positive approach.
The Finance Minister said the issues facing the sugar industry would be given due consideration but it should also keep in mind the welfare of the farmers and the consumers.
Meanwhile, talking to a delegation of businessmen from Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan, the Finance Minister assured that the issue of gas supply would be given due consideration.
Describing it as true national budget, Naidu said: "North-East and other regions' requirements have been given due consideration in all aspects of provision of rail services.
If the applicant is aggrieved by the requirements to use timber he is welcome to re-apply for the aluminium material based on the revised design and that application will be given due consideration," she said.
Suggestions of the Exchange with reference to carry-forward of capital losses was discussed and shall be given due consideration.
He said that short-term and long-term implications would be thoroughly examined and issues such as impact on career planning would be given due consideration under the guidance of the implementation commission.
Lihir did not reply to the letter yesterday; however, the letter is given due consideration by the board.
All of the points raised by the 112 callers are currently being digested and will be given due consideration over the next few days and weeks.
When I read or hear on TV that Mr Annan's words were taken into account and given due consideration, I will accept that the inquiry is honest and above board.