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If Meghan has a daughter and intends to give her a name beginning with 'M', the most popular theory suggests 'Mary' could be the winner, given it's a strong royal history and connections.
Given it's feature set, the PowerWatch X appears to have limited functionality compared with other smart watches in the market.
"For Cricket to host the first major sporting event at Perth Stadium is a huge honour for our sport, and given it's an Australia-England fixture, we are confident that will be able to celebrate history being made with a sold-out stadium," ESPNcricinfo quoted Sutherland, as saying.
Bruce said Kodjia needs time to recover because his ankle is sore and there are no plans to rush him back given it's the same area that caused him so many problems over the summer and ruled him out for four months.
Well, given it's Walford In Bloom, it shouldn't come as a complete surprise.
The attack numbers for GozNym have been extremely high given it's only been around since April.'
So the fact a cold(er) snap is with us should hardly come as a surprise, given it's December.
Director Paul Gibson said: "We are selling much faster than we thought we would given it's a brand new concept.
Today James Given IT'S hard not to say Galileo or Montjeu but you need deep pockets to buy one by either.
18/20 FOOD AND DRINK: Drink is the area the White Hart really excels - not surprisingly, given it's got a brewery on the premises.
As I write, Stage 1 is still to take place, but given it's a pancake-flat stroll through the French countryside, we can safely say nothing of any significance has happened.