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There are, however, books today that suggest Chinese given names that have a positive meaning or are based on the sound of a Western given name.
66 I have found, however, two transactions in which religious women (who in spite of their given names were probably Latin) made seemingly interest-free loans to Latin men.
ESTRA variant of the female given name Esther [What to Name the Baby, Evelyn Wells (1946)]
Lee, whose given name is Shelton Jackson Lee, brands his films ``A Spike Lee Joint.
Under his given name, Anthony Benedetto, he will team up with one of today's leading technology companies, EPSON, at Gallery Henoch in Soho, to help launch the company's new printer line.
That felt good,'' said Crosby, whose given name is Richard.
Young, whose given name is Frank Dennis, took the stage name Dez for his '60s musical act with the band The Statesmen.
In answer to a question about her name, she said her real surname is O'Brien but that her given name at birth was Angela.
Kitaen, 40, who since marrying Finley in 1997 has gone by her given name of Julie, was released from Orange County Jail on Wednesday.
She was indicted in 1976 under her given name, Kathleen Soliah, but remained a fugitive until her June 1999 capture in St.
It's where John Wayne played football under his given name of Marion Morrison,'' Shermer said.
26, 1944, is said to closely resemble the playwright's own life, starting with naming the narrator and protagonist after himself (his given name was Thomas Lanier Williams, but he later took on the name ``Tennessee'').