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Most of the exothermic heat is given off during the heat-up phase, with little effect in the time-at-temperature stage of a cook.
Here lies her work's affinity to the cadaverous stink given off by Luc Tuymans's imagery, however little most of her paintings owe to the "look" of his.
The fuel cell captures electrons given off by bacteria as they digest raw sewage and turns the electrons into electricity.
You didn't mention what fumes were given off by the overheated coating, but I was told at the time that it was similar to mustard gas.
Patients with a variety of lung problems give off different chemicals in their breath and there is a particular cocktail given off by those with tumours.
Gamma ray technology uses the radiation given off by a radioactive substance, typically Cobalt 60, which is a radioactive isotope of the element cobalt," Masefield explains.
Radiation is a combination of particles and light given off by radioactive materials as they decay.
Sunscreen works by blocking the ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB rays), which can cause sunburn and skin cancer, given off by the sun.
Stand at least half a metre back and make sure ventilation is good, as the ozone given off by the copier is affected by the surrounding electric fields.
Plans to generate electricity from gas given off at a Warwickshire landfill site are poised to be approved.
It is highly conformable, has a 392 F continuous-use limit, and is chemically immune to most reaction byproducts given off when curing high-performance composites.
The device, which detects the characteristic light given off by an uncontrolled flame, could be hooked into a telephone or personal computer to notify the fire department automatically and give off audio safety instructions when a fire starts.