given preference

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ISLAMABAD -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that PML (N) has always given preference to national interests to personal interests.
He said that 10,000 such people would be given preference in the government quota who had been rejected during the last two, three years.
Irfan Qaisar Sheikh said that this training programme will be started from next month and females will be given preference in providing training to them as drivers.
If there are no unpaid real estate taxes but there is a duly registered mortgage over the same land, the plan must ensure the mortgage creditor must be given preference.
Businesses which are located within the city limits of Joplin may be given preference in the awarding of a bid, providing the bid from the local business does not exceed the lowest bid by more than 3% or $2,500, whichever is less.
Lebanese businesses which offer products on a par with foreign goods in terms of pricing and quality will be given preference over foreign suppliers, the minister added.
We now demand that ad hoc teachers who have already been working in colleges should be given preference," said Aditya Narain Misra, former DUTA president.
Qualified foreign workers with knowledge of Korean language will be given preference.
Now, when oversubscribed, non-faith pupils showing the most "religious commitment" and living closest to the school will be given preference.
Buggy users are given preference over other passengers, and they should not be.
And on the question of protecting workers from workplace risks, Project Manager Paul Rosselli elaborated on his earlier statements by noting that, "The requirement that technical systems to protect workers from workplace risks are to be used if feasible and should be given preference over personal protective equipment is a universal legal requirement.