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No player is bigger than a club and he should be given the boot.
Tamaddon, who was 100-1 earlier in the week to be eliminated, is now as short as 8-1 with Stan James and no better than 20-1 with Betfred to be given the boot.
Summary: Sree Dasari has been given the boot from the Big Brother house after losing out to aspiring politician Halfwit.
The group refused to change the lyrics and were given the boot.
The Argentine, who was given the boot on Friday, didn't try to put on a brave face or spin out the usual cliches.
Given the boot because of security fears and reliability problems, the machines were to be put in containers at an army base.
COLIN HENDRY could return to management this week, seven months after being given the boot at Blackpool.
Bookmakers William Hill rate Sezer 1/8 on to be given the boot by the public, with Lea offered at 5/1 and Richard a 14/1 outsider.
Patriotric Welsh footy fans are furious their national anthem is to be given the boot at a cup final game in Cardiff next week.
It's like getting letters from a girlfriend you've given the boot.
Once Drabinsky was given the boot, further corporate machinations eventually landed the company under the umbrella of New York-based Loews Cineplex Entertainment, which went bankrupt earlier this year.
Over 14,000 families who needed "readjustment" were given the boot from their homes.