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Snowy weather, giving presents, tinsel-strewn Christmas trees, red-nosed reindeer and, of course, the Christmas story itself - anything with an even remotely seasonal feel - has been given the elbow.
But former Co-op manager Tecwyn Williams got so angry when he was asked to sing in time, the organist was given the elbow in a move that has split the village church in two.
EMERGENCY hard shoulder phones are to be given the elbow because they are so rarely used.
Many fans would like to see Fabricio Coloccini given the elbow as captain
Karate is among sports given the elbow by the Olympics.
After 13 years of record-breaking radio shows that have put bums on seats across the region and brought in Lord knows how much in advertising cash, myself, Micky Horswill and Malcolm Macdonald have been given the elbow.
But now the junk food and cigarettes have been given the elbow and replaced with options like porridge, brown rice, bananas and mackerel.
Last year its really rather good 5 Series had a setback in that, so far as some pundits were concerned, it was given the elbow as best & used motors executive saloon by Audi's A6.
The Good Life star was given the elbow despite her American Smooth seeing her awarded her highest score of 30 points in the BBC dance show.
Tracy, furious at being given the elbow, talks him into taking their daughter Amy (Rebecca Pike) to the airport for the day to see the planes taking off.
Even old favourites along the Costa Brava, Ibiza and even the Canaries are being given the elbow.
DROPPED by Radio Wales as a DJ, given the elbow by Sky as a presenter, failed an audition for Who's Line Is It Anyway and languishing in voiceover land as the Andrex puppy and Toilet Duck, Rob Brydon was far from hot property three years ago.