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Francine Siddaway, 28, said she was given the push because she wore too much.
The excuse is the switch to HD will show wrinkles - but the likes of Question Time''s David Dimbleby and Mastermind''s John Humphrys haven''t been given the push - and they''re in their 60s and 70s.
I AM so disappointed that the multi-million pound investment by Maro in Brunswick has been given the push by Ruth Kelly.
GOBBLEDEGOOK has been given the push by a West Wales council's housing officers.
I always thought Wolves would go for a high-profile manager when Mark McGhee was given the push.
Barmaids could be given the push for something with extra pulling power - a machine that delivers the perfect pint.
Officers in Northampton have been given the push bikes to patrol the Parklands area of the town, but yesterday it emerged they are sitting idle until constables have been given the necessary training.
The cocky star was given the push by girlfriend of three years Jenny - after he cheated on her in the aftermath of his Apprentice fame.