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"I feel sure, given the time of day the attack occurred, that someone must have seen something that might assist us in identifying the man."
Conversely, if something is of little or no interest, then it is not even given the time of day, let alone a modicum of respect.
Given the time of day, there were literally thousands of people trying to negotiate this checkpoint and patience was wearing thin.
Smaller films that normally wouldn't be given the time of day have come into their own.
Nobody prepared to challenge has been given the time of day. Benitez offers the best hope for change over the long term.
We know a number of people may have been in the area given the time of day and witnessed what has happened.
Alan Lough, Dunbar, said: "Chicharito, who " used to play for Manchester United, is entitled to his opinion that Ronaldo is better than Messi but I think the time has long passed for this debate to be given the time of day.