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According to the EBC main news it was the fire on board the Cutty Sark, a disaster, one was given to believe, which was on a par almost with the Iraq war, or at the very least England's defeat at cricket.
Marcus Tregoning's colt won the Lingfield Derby trial in good style and, while that wasn't a race to set the Thames on fire, I am given to believe Aqaleem will improve and if he can handle Lingfield he can certainly do the same at Epsom, which is uncannily similar.
We had all been given to believe that the reported ill-will between the two men had been got up by the Press and was no more than what was called "media froth".
Up to last week, we were given to believe that the terrorists were home-grown, 'clean-skinned' and Muslim.
South Africans (and apparently the rest of the world) have been given to believe that the new gun laws in South Africa are to control guns.
Citizens Advice Bureaux administrator Joan Davis confirmed last night: "We have been given to believe that steps to protect school leavers are in the pipeline.
We were given to believe this time that the water would not come into the houses,' said Mrs Smith.
There's a drug bust involving minor players, and the culminating accident scene ends with an ambulance carting one of the characters off to hospital, but we're not given to believe his injuries are life-threatening.
Indeed, even in Roman Catholicism, where the homosexual orientation is supposedly not a sin, gays are given to believe that "God is against homosexual people in the very fabric of their existence as human beings" (88).
It doesn't give you a nice feeling because throughout your life you have been given to believe that retired people normally take a back seat.
I am given to believe that the field will be fenced off denying locals access.
Hodgson, expected to name Lampard as captain, explained: "Michael would have always been in our thinking, but I was given to d as captain, chael would een in our was given to believe he didn't want to be part of the England set-up or be considered for the Euros.