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He said that foucus had been given to research and providing all the possible facilities to the universities.
Preference will be given to research specific to the Jewish experience in the urban centers and rural communities of the Canadian Prairie Provinces.
Priority will be given to research performed in Qatar, conducted in collaboration with an organisation in Qatar, or carried out with the support of a Qatari institution," he said.
award, to be granted every two years, will be given to research on developing
The scholarship will be awarded primarily on the basis of academic excellence and relevance to the mitigation of the environmental impact of mining operations, with preference given to research projects related to the development of passive and active water treatment technologies applicable to mine waste water, tailings, and waste rock drainage.
The grading given to research at Coventry University has improved.
To reflect Thesiger's interests, the Society has decided that priority will be given to research in the Middle East and other arid regions that Thesiger visited, although applications for work in other desert environments are welcomed.
Low priority is still given to research as an instrument of economic growth policy, and co-operation between different ministries is imperfect.
George Ricaurte, the author of a Science article in 2002 that was retracted because the substance given to research animals was methamphetamine, not Ecstasy.
Joan Kirkbride, local manager for the Central Office of Research Ethics Committees said: "One of the main roles of a lay member is to ensure that the information given to research participants is simple to understand.
As the quality of the educational system and the importance given to research or the access to information technologies appear as important development challenges, it is not surprising that the AHDR 2003 focuses on the building of a knowledge society.
Meanwhile adequate funding must be given to research into this area in the quest for full understanding of this effect.