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Special consideration will be given to research projects the NHB previously funded.
Besides, he said, special attention must be given to research at high school level by establishing fully equipped laboratories.
award, to be granted every two years, will be given to research on developing
The grading given to research at Coventry University has improved.
George Ricaurte, the author of a Science article in 2002 that was retracted because the substance given to research animals was methamphetamine, not Ecstasy.
Joan Kirkbride, local manager for the Central Office of Research Ethics Committees said: "One of the main roles of a lay member is to ensure that the information given to research participants is simple to understand.
Meanwhile adequate funding must be given to research into this area in the quest for full understanding of this effect.
Preference for funding will be given to research in the following scientific areas: 1) developmental immunobiology of asthma and allergic diseases--evaluating events in the perinatal period, infancy, and childhood, including exposure to indoor allergens and other environmental agents that modulate IgE and other immune responses relevant to these diseases; 2) defining asthma phenotypes--characterizing the expression of asthma in relation to underlying mechanisms that distinguish distinct subsets of asthmatic patients; and 3) translational research from animal models to humans, particularly focused on new immune therapies for asthma and allergic diseases, including studies that are proof of concept in man.
Their field trips follow the light: the winter activity is given to research and printing.
Particular emphasis has been given to research methodologies in neurobehavioral toxicology especially the appropriate use, limitations, and interpretations.
Money has also been given to research into childhood cancers and to Coventry's Walsgrave Hospital, where Christopher also received treatment.