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cried a shrill female voice, 'was you given to understand that I--I--was going to be engaged to an assassinating thief that shed the gore of my pa?
On inquiring what this appellation might be supposed to signify, I was given to understand that whatever was unintelligible would be certainly transcendental.
He could meet even Lady Russell in a discussion of her merits; and Anne could not be given to understand so much by her friend, could not know herself to be so highly rated by a sensible man, without many of those agreeable sensations which her friend meant to create.
All these friends and relations had been given to understand that the fate of the young girl would be decided that evening.
Thus I was given to understand that he was the captain, the "Old Man," in the cook's vernacular, the individual whom I must interview and put to the trouble of somehow getting me ashore.
Now, there's an incompatibility of some sort or another, I am given to understand by you, between your daughter and me.
While the channels cannot be viewed through eLife and du, we are given to understand that those with a direct subscription to the network have not been impacted.
I am given to understand that this money is to be spent on children here in the UK.
I'VE always been given to understand that when you arrive at "Check-in", the first question asked is 'have you packed this case/bag yourself?
I am given to understand that the law is no one can legally pass through red lights (an exception being when one is under instruction from a uniformed police officer on traffic control duty).
And we are given to understand close consultation will be necessary with individual local councils before any relocation transpires whatsoever.
I am given to understand that since the DVLA mindlessly decreed it would no longer be necessary to display a current vehicle excise licence (aka tax disc) on one's windscreen, the number of unlicensed vehicles on the road has increased signifi-cantly.