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GIVER, contracts. He who makes a gift. (q. v.) By his gift, the giver always impliedly agrees with the donee that he will not revoke the gift.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Thus did they converse, but King Apollo said to Mercury, "Messenger Mercury, giver of good things, you would not care how strong the chains were, would you, if you could sleep with Venus?"
Tell how at the first gods and earth came to be, and rivers, and the boundless sea with its raging swell, and the gleaming stars, and the wide heaven above, and the gods who were born of them, givers of good things, and how they divided their wealth, and how they shared their honours amongst them, and also how at the first they took many-folded Olympus.
The gift, to be true, must be the flowing of the giver unto me, correspondent to my flowing unto him.
She took the gourd in one hand, and rather than cause the giver pain raised it to her lips, though for the life of her she could scarce restrain the qualm of nausea that surged through her as the malodorous thing approached her nostrils.
But an apology for invading the hermitage was still necessary; so I had furnished myself with a blue morocco collar for Arthur's little dog; and that being given and received, with much more joy and gratitude, on the part of the receiver, than the worth of the gift or the selfish motive of the giver deserved, I ventured to ask Mrs.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-July 12, 2019--Isuzu Motors South Africa delivers two water tank trucks to Gift of the Givers
This morning, Sasol Executive Vice President: Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Charlotte Mokoena donated the funds to charity organisation, Gift of the Givers. The donation was received by its founder, Dr Imtiaz Ismail Sooliman.
High injury severity leads to complex courses of treatment that are distressing to families who are their care givers as well6.
Tribune News Network Doha Sidra Medicine will host free workshops as part of an Epilepsy Awareness Day for school nurses and care givers on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
The project's focus was centered on four main pillars, including developing institutional homes to ensure they meet the quality standards of alternative care; building the capacities of care givers, orphaned children & youth within institutional homes; building the capacities of fresh graduates to become capable & professional child care givers; and finally, building the capacities of the Ministry of Social Solidarity's staff to oversee and monitor the implementation of quality standards within child care homes.