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Thus did they converse, but King Apollo said to Mercury, "Messenger Mercury, giver of good things, you would not care how strong the chains were, would you, if you could sleep with Venus?
Tell how at the first gods and earth came to be, and rivers, and the boundless sea with its raging swell, and the gleaming stars, and the wide heaven above, and the gods who were born of them, givers of good things, and how they divided their wealth, and how they shared their honours amongst them, and also how at the first they took many-folded Olympus.
She took the gourd in one hand, and rather than cause the giver pain raised it to her lips, though for the life of her she could scarce restrain the qualm of nausea that surged through her as the malodorous thing approached her nostrils.
But an apology for invading the hermitage was still necessary; so I had furnished myself with a blue morocco collar for Arthur's little dog; and that being given and received, with much more joy and gratitude, on the part of the receiver, than the worth of the gift or the selfish motive of the giver deserved, I ventured to ask Mrs.
The study compiles the results of surveys that were conducted last year of over 2,800 gift givers.
This year the editors included a new category--TIME Power Givers--and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah has been named among 14 other Power Givers for this year's list.
Givers enjoy helping out their coworkers, because they like to see the coworker's reaction and understand that it benefits the organization as a whole.
The dream givers gather fragments of memories by lightly touching favored objects in the house where they work and then bestowing them on sleepers.
George Eliot's words, "Animals are such agreeable friends--they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms," sums up the universally shared feelings of pet care givers who treasure their animals.
For larger donations, Norwell says gift givers may set up a supporting foundation rather than make a direct gift.
Many gift givers swear never to give cash during the holidays, saying it's too cold and impersonal.
Both givers and takers are trying to fulfil inner needs.