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And, as well as providing touching stories and highlighting tender moments, it gives ideas as to how new parents can make the most of this special time and make sure that brother and/or sister doesn't feel left out.
It includes information on rubbish and recycling, and gives ideas on reducing litter and waste.
This twenty-four-page booklet gives ideas for appreciating five modern artists and for making projects related to their work.
Also, ask for the free book, The Eco-Club Environmental Activist Guide, which gives ideas on how to start an eco-club, how to run an effective meeting, and how to organize and publicize environmental events.
Business Advisor, that helps users find regulations and gives ideas on how to comply.
This guide gives ideas for creating a recruitment and talent management process that responds to changes in the business world, from changing technologies to changes in employeesAE expectations of transparency and flexibility.
He also gives ideas on dealing with naysayers and overcoming organizational roadblocks.
It promotes the North East so people outside the area may want to come here and gives ideas for places to visit for those who already live here," he said.