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But it gives voice to a subject long the victim of our collective self-censorship, in a frank, fairly entertaining manner, though I can't imagine wanting to sit through as sensitive and thorough a dissertation on the male counterpart.
Derricotte gives voice to the excruciating pain and agony of natural birth--"natural" as opposed to the blissful sleep or reduction of pain during the birth process that is induced by anesthesia.
Add a gay or lesbian sensibility to the mix, and you have music that gives voice to artistic, personal, and political concerns that might otherwise have been masked.
Perhaps, but music, or song, also gives voice to our passions--mournful and joyous.
Ubicom's StreamEngine[R] technology gives voice calls priority on the Internet connection, even when the connection is running at full speed.
While reminiscent of Longfellow's "Evangeline," the historical context will not be familiar to American students, but nonetheless gives voice to the tragic circumstances that populated Nova Scotia, Canada.
We should take courage from this; no one can organize a meeting and guarantee the exclusive presence of the Spirit; all one can be sure of is the independence of the Spirit, who calls, gives voice and insight to unlikely people in unlikely places.