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The Mall of the Emirates is giving away a Bentley Continental worth Dh850,000 this DSF for one of its lucky Luxe Zone shoppers spending a minimum of Dh699.
John Koletas of the Grace Baptist Church in Troy told local media that he's showing support for Second Amendment rights, gun owners and hunters by giving away the brand new Smith & Wesson M&P semi-automatic rifle, a weapon similar to the Bushmaster rifle used to kill 20 children and six staff members at Newtown, Conn.
But there were adverse reactions to the open giving away of the babies as many considered such adoption process should be carried out in private because the social stigma attached to it.
We also have vendors working in Sainsbury's Shorehead store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10am- 2pm) who will be giving away Huddersfield Town fridge magnets and fixture posters with the newspaper.
Participants in Saturday's event can snag free trees in one-gallon pots; the city is giving away stone and Aleppo pines, California sycamore and coast live oak, said William Wittkopf, general services manager.
To promote vegetarianism by giving away Meatless Meals for Working People, please contact us for quantity discount prices.
Your Chronicle is Big on competitions ( and now as part of out latest bonanza we're giving away pounds 20,000 as part of Big Cash Casino.
Zico said: ``I am very worried that we are giving away so many free kicks from outside the box -England have a player called David Beckham and if we do that against them then he will kill us.
Believe me, I went back to the office and we had a meeting on 'Is it time to stop giving away so much.
She has interviewed many elderly women who spoke of having resigned themselves to giving away daughters whom they loved because of incessant pressures from in-laws.
He makes a special point of giving away a car at Christmas to enhance the spirit of the season for his employees and children.
Church leaders claim the tradition of a father giving away his daughter is offensive to some women.