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Bookies are currently giving odds as to whether or not Harry will die in the final novel, which is to be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
So William Hill is giving odds of just 10/1 against snow falling in London, 9/1 in Cardiff and only 7/1 in Glasgow - the worst prices for gambling fans in almost 20 years.
While, as of mid-June, legislators were saying all the right things about working out their differences, "cautious optimism" is probably the most accurate description of the mood toward the bill being passed, and anyone giving odds better than a coin flip is probably being overly confident.
Jack Brown is giving odds of six to one on him starring as sleuth detective Colombo, and eight to one on him teaming up in Miami Vice.
Ladbrokes is giving odds of 3-1 for the Beatles drummer to be dubbed in the next batch of honours in the New Year list.
They are taking so little money on a Tory success at the polls they are already giving odds on who will be the next Tory leader.
The party's economics spokesman, Mr Malcolm Bruce, and social security spokesman Mr David Rendel are regarded as being in a battle to avoid last place, with Hill giving odds of 12/1 on Mr Bruce to win and 20/1 on Mr Rendel.
It is a wonder that bookmakers do not open a book giving odds as to what the next cutback will be.
And the bookies are giving odds of 250/1 for the Spire on O'Connell Street to be knocked down and replaced by a statue of the champ.
I wonder if bookmakers are giving odds on the new Forth Road crossing?
One punter in Tokyo put 20,000 Japanese yen, or pounds 155, on a Newcastle win, with bookies giving odds of 23-20.
BOOKIES Ladbrokes sparked fears that the X Factor finalists had been leaked yesterday after giving odds on 12 of the talent show hopefuls.