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When the acid mixed with the chlorine it started giving off a dangerous vapour.
Mr Rotchell said: 'The container was only giving off a small amount of gas which caused a problem inside the building but was not dangerous once it was outside.
Instead of giving off compound A when one insect feeds and compound B when another feeds, "they give off different proportions, or ratios, of compounds A and B.
Paints - Finally, the iron melter must deal with the paint-like class (including powder coatings) that smokily decomposes on heating, giving off copious hydrocarbons (VOCs) and other nasties, making life in the foundry unpleasant.
Combine poor air circulation with interior building products that are giving off gases and solvents and you've got a "sick" building.
Whether it's using emotes and body language to express feelings, reading and giving off poker tells or trying to intimidate opponents by showing off a range of chip tricks, PKR breathes life into the online game.
1 : the giving off of rays of energy or particles by the breaking apart of atoms of certain elements (as uranium)
Trees that take years to grow are burned to ash in a few seconds, giving off harmful carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere in the process.
At the scene, firefighters said about 400l of chemical had been created when alkali Horolithforte accidentally mixed with acid Clint GP giving off heat and steam.
However, if subjected to fierce heat through an external source it decomposes, forming a char and giving off hydrogen chloride.
She noticed that it was giving off a mechanical buzzing.