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Giving Voice to Your Story podcast places a special emphasis on the celebration of different book genres including memoir, novel and non-fiction.
Gill, who works across Birmingham mostly with children but also with adults who stammer, said: "I am shocked but delighted to have received a Giving Voice Award.
The award rewards the efforts of the team for committing time and energy on behalf of the RCSLT's Giving Voice campaign which aims to show how speech and language therapy transforms lives.
Giving Voice to Values is a classic example of a writer working to her strengths.
Though Gentile is more than adequately schooled in the idea of value-driven actions within the business world, the better part of Giving Voice to Values seems mere common sense.
In giving voice to the former head of a theocratic "community" who un-Buddhistically came out for Bush's war, is The Progressive supporting a lost horizon against communist totalitarianism?
developed in workshop at Sherman Oaks' Whitefire Theatre before a critically acclaimed run off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theater Company - finds Johnson giving voice to an array of characters, but also offering his insight into the history and legacy of ventriloquism.
MISSION STATEMENT In the stormy seas of school reform, this journal will steer a steady course, presenting the facts as best they can be determined, giving voice (without fear or favor) to worthy research, sound ideas, and responsible arguments.
I am writing to thank Ferder for giving voice to thoughts that have been rattling around in my head for the past year.
If you work with your voice or the voices of others - or perhaps are simply interested in the voice - the Giving Voice festival provides an opportunity to learn from some of the very best teachers and performers in the world today.
Lynn Harris breaks ground by giving voice to contemporary closeted homosexuality, and questioning African-American gay and bisexual men searching for self-acceptance in an excerpt from his debut novel, Invisible Life (1991).
Also next year, listen for Ellen in a new computer-animated film from Disney and Pixar, giving voice to a comic sidekick in Finding Nemo, an underwater adventure about fish, set in the Great Barrier Reef.