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Glad among them-build the church of God, composed of the faithful and the believers.
I mean glad in a now-I-canhoover-up-the-damn- tree needles and there's-no-more Celebrity-Who-Wants-To-Be A-Millionaire-on-the-telly sort of way.
My fiancee is not very well and you can imagine how the rest of the family is feeling so I am just glad I brought some light to the weekend because it has been a very difficult time.
Emily Hemming, aged nine, of Mount Nod, is the face behind the Glad Rag Day fundraiser for Birmingham Children's Hospital.
I have relationships with family and friends whom I do love, and I'm glad to say they love me," he says.
So when Usher pleaded guilty yesterday, the Tsangs were glad the waiting was over.
In 1997 GLAD and private cocounsel filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of two lesbian couples and one gay male couple who were refused marriage licenses.