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First off he looked surprised to see us, and not very glad, either; but as Tom went on he looked pleasanter, and when he was done he smiled, and nodded his head several times, and made signs with his hands, and says:
Couldn't we say, `The kitten might have been glad if it had known it was not going to be drowned'?
All the letters he had ever written to her, she kept in a cabinet near her own chair by the fire; and she would have read me some of them, and I should have been very glad to hear them too, if he had not interposed, and coaxed her out of the design.
Looking to ascertain what might be the occasion of this glad harmony, I perceived, on alighting from the cars, that a multitude of shining ones had assembled on the other side of the river, to welcome two poor pilgrims, who were just emerging from its depths.
I know I was sulky sometimes, and I should have been glad to see these children sulky sometimes too; for then I could have understood them: but they never were, for they COULD not be offended, nor hurt, nor ashamed: they could not be unhappy in any way, except when they were in a passion.
So am I; but you really do read unusually well, and I'm very glad of it, for it is a rare accomplishment, and one I value highly.
It just makes me feel glad to be alive-- it's such an interesting world.
Yonder old house had been glad because of her for eighteen years when I met her first.
And then you came dancing along the cove like a glad, light-hearted child.
And now I know, and I'm glad you look just like you do look.
Well, I'm very, very glad to see you," said Levin, with a genuine smile of childlike delight.
So glad we have another taste in common besides our taste for Art.