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So after 12 months of crying their mascara all down their faces, emerging dazed from realisticlooking to guest investigate the Fernandez-wreckage and praying they don't forget their lines ahead of a big live episode, it's time for the soap stars to put on their glad rags and celebrate at The British Soap Awards 2015.
Don't forget to get your glad rags on and go to the races on Friday afternoon, with entertainment and attractions for everyone.
To celebrate, the cream of the cast put on their glad rags, including Catherine Tyldesley (Eva), Brooke Vincent (Sophie) and Alison King (Carla).
The heiress might be better known for her glamorous glad rags, A-list party lifestyle, movies and shows, but Paris Hilton is set to take to the decks and DJ in Dubai.
Despite sporting her bulging bump, Imogen ensured she was in her partying glad rags as she wore a figure hugging frock to emphasise her burgeoning belly even more, the Daily Mail reported.
Around 50,000 punters attended the second day of the festival, as girls and women from all over the UK flocked to the racecourse to parade their glad rags.
Mods vs Rockers: Conference-goers party in their glad rags and let down their hair at the Old Ship Hotel on Brighton sea front
Consumer agency Furore PR put on its glad rags at the Clothes Show Live at the NEC to produce a fashion show.
So howay lasses get your posh hats and glad rags on again and come to the Customs House in South Shields on Friday, September 10.
s Melissa Rivers put on their glad rags to check out Miss Sixty's hip hottie looks and the deck duds for dudes in the adjoining mens' store, Energie.
I bought my glad rags too dearly in Soho and downed my Prozac with beer.
Hoping, of course, that when they went, they were wearing their old clothes, the community would naturally pass on the glad rags to the next guy.