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Positioned above Gladder Brook and next to Ribbesford Wood, there are also endless opportunities for walking within the adjoining Wyre Forest.
COTTAGE GROVE - South Lane School District Superintendent Krista Parent will receive the Bev Gladder Mentorship Award at the state's annual Confederation of Oregon School Administrators conference.
As happily as she seemed to greet the sun in her well-enacted awakening, I felt even gladder to greet the waning day at the end of this dispiriting matinee.
Carlyle's professor, who professes a kind of worship of clothing, says, "The gladder am I, on the other hand, to do reverence to those Shells and outer Husks of the Body, wherein no devilish passion any longer lodges, but only the pure emblem and effigies of Man: I mean, to Empty, or even to Cast Clothes" (182).
I am very glad that the mask has been ripped off the face of these saffron moral police by none other than themselves and even gladder that the expose has come just ahead of Valentine's day which millions of youngsters might want to once again celebrate in cosy twosomes.
But as the stirring strains of Parry's I Was Glad resounded through the Abbey, no-one looked gladder than William to welcome his bride to the altar.
All I know for sure, though, is that I've never been gladder to see a taxi bearing a green light as I was on Saturday, and never been gladder to lock myself in a hotel.
Even in bastions of male privilege like Oxbridge, the resident men and visiting women can no longer recognize themselves in Rossetti's "My heart is gladder than all these / Because my love is come to me.
For arriving at its rating, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of Akik, Gladder Ceramics, and Swastik Ceracon.
If it is 'natural' to suffer 'a father's feelings', Hydaspes will be more than forgiven for factoring them into his speech; if he gladly accepts to be 'defeated' in his attempt to hide his emotion, he will be even gladder to admit defeat when the crowd blocks the sacrifice (see, at 10.