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Mr George, who founded and created the site, said: "There's been lots of speculation that some of these suicides could be related to the glamorisation of people having websites in the event of their suicide.
The British and Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust said the glamorisation of the event had led to the parading of dogs that were "all teeth and hair".
Mr Brake then went on to attack Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of Top Gear, saying: "His glamorisation of speed and power, and reckless approach to the environment, may amuse some but it frustrates me.
Dee, of Cwm y Glo, near Caernarfon, said last night: 'It is a very good sign that this sort of glamorisation of guns is not tolerated.
This glamorisation of firearms and violence is wrong and responsible citizens should not be encouraging it.
By these means it spreads its message of hate into homes across the UK, to those seeking it and those who may be susceptible to its distortion and glamorisation of horrific acts.
But this isn't another tiresome depiction of Glasgow's underworld or yet more glamorisation of gangland.
Tyneside folk have criticised the show for its damaging portrayal of life in the Toon, with alcohol campaigners also queuing up to slam the series for its glamorisation of binge drinking.
The social pressure to drink to excess can be enormous and the glamorisation of alcohol cannot help.
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): The glamorisation of celebrities taking their lives may lead to an increase in the probability of widespread copycat suicides, warns a new study from Queen Mary, University of London.
Boro fanzine Fly Me To The Moon editor Rob Nichols said: "It is appalling that such glamorisation of violence should recall that period of football.