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Former mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely said: "It's difficult to address offending behaviour and rehabilitate criminals if you're showing them films that glamorise violence and crime.
Waterstone's decided to shelve Frank Evans's scheduled appearances at their stores after receiving letters which said the events would glamorise the "cruel, violent spectacle" of bullfighting.
All too often, it is celebrities and rappers who glamorise crime who become the figure heads which young black men like to follow.
Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz claimed the high-energy drink "may glamorise drug taking" and condemned the launch of the product this summer.
BLACK boys need more role models who do not glamorise crime, guns or drugs, according to a report out today.
I would appeal to Dunne's Stores to remove these shirts immediately and appeal to them to think a little more before stocking items which glamorise alcohol.
Ash is concerned that VIP's ads sexualise and glamorise e-cigarette use and don't make clear these products are for smokers.
Films such as Pretty Woman and TV series such as Diary of a Call Girl try to glamorise what is basically a very seedy, risky sphere of work.
saying it "clearly showed the dangers of using Ethanol and did not glamorise it in any way".
She said: "People who resort to violence will glamorise any violent film.
Kids read papers and it's not for me to glamorise drug use, I'm a musician.
In Ofcom's view, the programme did not condone or glamorise misuse.