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WELSH actress Kate Jarman has denied new football movie The Soul Crew glamorises soccer violence.
And Detective Chief Inspector Andy Shrives, from Scotland Yard's Operation Trident, which investigates gang-related gun crime in London, added: "We do not condone anything that glamorises gun crime.
Care should be taken not to glamorise the subject, not to give excessive detail about method of suicide nor about the person who has taken their own life.
50 said: "It is about my life and about being true to myself and does not glamorise guns.
I'M VERY concerned about press attention in relation to criminals, in particular making any payments to these persons for 'their story', and the potential for such 'stories' to glamorise these types of individuals.
In Ofcom's view, the programme did not condone or glamorise misuse.
Swinton, above, says the novels glamorise what for her meant a lonely childhood.
It is bad enough when their heroes like Britney Spears glamorise pole dancing in their pop videos without the Cardiff authorities joining in.
They glamorise size eight women, Peter Docherty, Kate Moss, a few drunken stars, Posh who spends a fortune on her appearance and walks around pouting, Danielle Lloyd who makes a fortune taking her clothes off.
So many high school shows try and glamorise school, but this was real and that's what made it so funny.
Which is why any movie that might be considered to glamorise such lifestyles is to be abhored.
They are using a popular video-sharing website to brag about the violent lifestyles they lead and to glamorise yob culture.