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Winifred Coleman, 73, pensioner, Gosforth: I think it's appalling as the use of cannabis should not be glamorised.
Liberal Democrat health spokesman Paul Burstow said they glamorised 'medicine practised too late'.
It ruled the name glamorised the strength of alcohol.
Mr Evans claimed that the figures "satirised rather than glamorised" hooligans and that any resemblance of the characters to real players was "entirely coincidental".
The TV company told Mr Baker: "We ensure that the crime is in no way glamorised.''
Turner has proposed to edit any scenes or references "where smoking appeared to be condoned, acceptable, glamorised or where it might encourage imitation".
When the film "Trainspotting" opened, trendies pooh-poohed warnings that it glamorised drug-taking and would lead to increased heroin usage.
Most viewers were concerned that the commercial glamorised or normalised gun culture despite the fact handguns are illegal in the UK.
A spokesman for the AfroCaribbean Community Forum said the posters glamorised gun culture and guns as a fashion accessory at a very sensitive time.