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Based on the book by former Cardiff City hooligans Tony Rivers and Dave Jones, critics believe it will glamorise violence and damage the Bluebirds' reputation.
It glamorises crime and makes me out to be some sort of Robin Hood character.
FaceTime's director of research, Chris Boyd, reckons hollywood glamorises cyber-crime and children need parental guidance to direct them away from their computers.
Shopkeepers say the trend glamorises and encourages theft and causes problems if they wear the items in stores.
Christopher Thomas, of Manchester, is featured in a section of a hip-hop DVD that glamorises graffiti, which is available at HMV, a Manchester court heard.
Londoner Lucy Cope, whose son Damian, 22, was shot and killed outside a nightclub, said: "It glamorises gun crime and makes it look cool.
Neil Stewart, of the Castle Project based in Edinburgh's Craigmillar area, said: "Anything that glamorises drugs is going to have negative consequences.
Former mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely said: "It's difficult to address offending behaviour and rehabilitate criminals if you're showing them films that glamorise violence and crime.
He added: 'There ought to be a public debate about these issues and the industry itself ought to think about doing anything to help glamorise gun culture and misogyny which I have criticised in some of the lyrics I have heard over the years.