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The former TottenhamHotspur footballer -- one of the best-known black personalities on TV -- linked films and rap music glamorising violence and the drift of black boys away from education and into crime and violence.
CULTURE Minister Kim Howells has targeted rap music's ``hate lyrics'' for glamorising the gun culture that led to the shooting of two teenage girls in Birmingham.
If he freed him because he listened to the campaign for his freedom by people who have made a career out of glamorising and eulogising the Kray twins, then he was wrong.
The availability of films containing gratuitous violence and glamorising crime has been criticised by a Fine Gael politician, who has called for a ban on unsuitable movies in Irish jails.
The reality star recently took to her blog to slam the MTV hit, which she thinks is glamorising teen pregnancy, reports the New York Daily News.
KATE Moss fuelled civil war in Colombia by glamorising cocaine, the country's vice president has claimed.
Anything that cashes in on hooligans and hooligan firms is clearly glamorising violence and is totally irresponsible.
The Tory toff singled out DJ Tim Westwood's hip-hop show on Saturday night for glamorising violence and carrying weapons.
The ad for the Freelander Sport was accused of glamorising gun culture.
SCOTLAND'S most senior police officer has accused TV soaps of glamorising boozing, claiming they encourage alcohol abuse among teenagers.
FORMER East Enders star Danniella Westbrook yesterday slammed junkie rocker Pete Doherty for glamorising drugs.
The movie, based on the 1955 Vladimir Nabokov novel, has been widely criticised for glamorising paedophilia by depicting the seduction of a 12-year-old girl by her middle-aged stepfather.