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Being the first in a series of exclusive shows planned for 2014; Glamorize promises to showcase a mix of established and upcoming designers across the Asian and Arab spectre.
At least since the chase in 1968's Bullitt--in which Steve McQueen also dangerously glamorizes cops who play by their own rules--virtually every movie has featured the sort of unsafe motoring that keeps driver ed teachers up at night.
But contrary to what the anti-drug crowd warns, many of the posts on these sites hardly glamorize drug use.
Their movies do not retreat from human sorrow, nor do they glamorize or romanticize it.
However, a defiant Marsh said that she is not saying buy a gun, insisting that it's more damaging when celebrities glamorize drugs.
America loves to glamorize the role of first lady for the same reason we love Princess Diana: we are still royalists at heart.
They need a community of people who can counter the sexual bombardment they get through advertising and trendy television shows targeted at them that glamorize adolescent sex.
5 pounds of false eyelash glamorize Liza's plush but athletic body with showbiz chic.
It manages both to glamorize notorious killers and to perpetuate law-and-order cliches.
In addition to changing the two episodes, British employees at Hanna-Barbera are reviewing other scenes that glamorize cigarettes and cigars.
The details about drugs certainly don't glamorize them: and there is nothing appealing about the entire runaway situation for Janie, including her partying with the bands, singing, dancing, and sleeping around-it seems a bleak life, especially since she is so talented but so needy.
You do not need to glamorize addiction to sell clothes.