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Whilst showcasing the works of well-known Brands & Boutiques, Glamorize will also promote fresh talent from within the UAE, GCC and the Indian subcontinent.
The 'Skyscraper' singer, who had been struggling with marijuana and cocaine abuse in the past, has hit out against filmmakers, singers and other stars who glamorize drug use in their art, music or films, in a posted on Twitter, Contactmusic reported.
Harris coined the term ``crime does not pay'' for his first radio who-dunit series that would glamorize private eyes.
They need a community of people who can counter the sexual bombardment they get through advertising and trendy television shows targeted at them that glamorize adolescent sex.
I didn't want to glamorize it," Thorne told (http://www.
However, a defiant Marsh said that she is not saying buy a gun, insisting that it's more damaging when celebrities glamorize drugs.
Those not trying to glamorize the company would call it terrible.
Most impressive, he doesn't glamorize, demonize, or caricature iris subjects.
According to Florida Bar President Tod Aronovitz, the survey findings are important in that they will help combat the negative perception created by television and movie portrayals that glamorize criminal law, when, in fact, criminal law is only one of many legal specialties.
Many of these websites openly promote drug use, others glamorize the drug culture and thereby implicitly promote use and experimentation.
Jensen's wise not to glamorize our Johnny: He's naive and clumsy and makes stupid decisions that nearly cost him his life.
Lovato further added on her Twitter feed "'Drugs are not something to glamorize in pop music or film to portray as harmless recreational fun.