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But the great resistance on changing their glamorized titles to more appropriate and descriptive ones still lingers in my mind.
They trot out the three Gs: Whatever they don't like is glorified, glamorized, and gratuitous.
They are doing it, some maintain, because our world-class metropolis seems terribly incomplete without bulky, glamorized mercenaries.
Prager's point is well taken, but it ought to leave reasonable people wondering why it's acceptable for those same publications to rely heavily on ads from beer, wine and liquor if the problem is the susceptibility of young people to glamorized images of things that are bad for them.
It certainly demonizes the junkie life like nothing before, so the threat of it making a glamorized impression is negligible.
Most kids can digest this experience but some get a kind of permission to act out their awful fantasies whether it's because violence has become so glamorized or because they have become so desensitized.
He cited a study that found 77 percent of all movies released last year showed tobacco use - often in scenes that glamorized smoking.
Smoking and tobacco products are glamorized in the movies and as a result, too many children think that smoking is cool,'' said Ingrid Lamirault, director of tobacco control programs for Los Angeles County.
Just as Coppola and Leone glamorized their amoral characters, Duke exaggerates matters, taking a footnote in crime history and making it seem bigger and better than it probably ever was.
But when Julia Roberts fumbles for a cigarette, lighting up during a panic attack in the movie, I am immediately drawn into the glamorized depiction of a depraved lifestyle.
I felt like I was doing glamorized Bloomingdale's,'' he says dryly.
Those are things that tend not to be glamorized, but when you play on a team like our team, those things do not go unnoticed.