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But the key to the glamorizing of 540 Madison was the ability to redesign and enlarge the lower level and reconstruct a major section of the building without much interruption for the tenants in place.
Gaga was criticised by numerous fans, including ex-bulimic Demi Lovato, for glamorizing the eating disorder bulimia.
On the Internet, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of T-shirts is selling a "Home Skool" item featuring the imprint of a cheap mobile-home trailer accompanied by the inscription "Home Skooled." The obvious message, as noted by syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, is that home schoolers are "ill-informed trailer park trash flies." The company's fare also includes "tees" glamorizing Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Marilyn Manson, and Harry Potter; one imprinted "Satan Inside"; and two that proclaim "MasterPimp" (a vulgar parody of MasterCard) and "Pimpology."
So the first source of surprise was that these oddly-shaped little pastoral scenes were neither dowdy nor particularly respectable, but rather fresh and loose, informed by an irreverent eye for the distinctions between penetrat ing observation and glamorizing cliche.
Washington, February 4 ( ANI ): In wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, Demi Lovato has urged fellow celebrities to stop glamorizing drugs.