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HIGHROLLER Stylist Kerry works on celeb-inspired style for Jacqueline JACQUELINE COMPANY secretary Jacqueline, from Motherwell, loves a glamorous look and is a regular client at the Rainbow Room International salon in Uddingston.
I really like the glamorous stuff, the photoshoots and that kind of thing," the Sun quoted her as saying.
They too were clever, astute, warm, energetic and only slightly less glamorous in their Goretex and snoods.
However, you don't have to be a movie star to be glamorous - everyone has the ability to achieve glamour.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided the advert was in breach of the rules because it linked smoking with a glamorous, fashionable and sophisticated lifestyle.
According to the London daily Elaph, the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba decided for the first time to put away her glamorous side to work at a gas station on the television show "Al Tajrobah" (The Experience), aired on the Egyptian "second channel.
Your friend may be gorgeous and glamorous but you have fabulous qualities too so let them shine out.
An ambience in which to party will be created through a high-octane blend of music, dance, glamorous guests and spectacular entertainment.
The "Glamour" issue programmatically states: "We wanted to be artists and we knew that if we were famous and glamorous we could say we were artists and we would be.
Dr Richard Whittington said there was nothing glamorous about drugs or drug taking and said drugs were a dangerous habit.
These movies followed one successful formula, Day explains: "A ne'er-do-well bachelor in an impossibly glamorous job meets the one woman who could elevate him, basically to monogamy.
TOP model Caprice has exposed the hidden loneliness and squalor lurking behind the glamorous world of showbiz.