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Next I was employed by a jeans shop called - glamorously - Cheapjacks.
THIS Estella mirrored Venetian-style chest of drawers is glamorously understated.
Stone - who is usually so glamorously put together - seemed to be so enthralled with the handsome 27-year-old Argentinian model that she didn't care what she looked like, as she was seen with messy, uncombed and seemingly wet hair.
Carolina Herrera, who was named Designer of the Year Wednesday night at the ninth Annual Style Awards, debuted her ultra-flirty and glamorously feminine Spring 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week on Monday.
a soon-to-be bride and a client of Kaya Skin Clinic, was happy to share her feedback on her experience with Kaya: "My experience with Kaya Skin Clinic was fulfilling with glamorously rewarding results at the end.
Describing her own style as comfortable and eclectic, she favours breezing around in high necklines and long retro cuts (covering up can be a lot sexier than being uncovered), and dressing glamorously just for the sake of doing so - she's regularly found pulling luggage through airports in incredibly high and even more impractical shoes (more often than not, a favourite pair of Manolo Blahniks).
50) is a bold, sexy, six-piece assortment of dark, rich colors that will make a statement and in spire one to live glamorously rebellious.
This year's catalogue is around a fifth smaller than in 2010 Possible box-office lots 22 Curlin's first crop is represented in the catalogue by a trio of glamorously bred yearlings, including this half-brother to Kentucky Oaks heroine Secret Status.
All of these find the most exciting of today's Verdi sopranos in her element, with her distinctive voice (with its alluring whiffs ot Maria Callas and Leontvne Price) shimmering, glamorously and cutting or caressing as the music and drama demand.
Unless Uncle Eddie wastes any more time glamorously unblocking Carol's drains.
WOMEN are growing old glamorously - wearing killer heels and trendy tops until they hit at least 70.
LAILA ALI IS A FORMER WOMEN'S BOXING CHAMP WHO PERFORMED glamorously on Dancing with the Stars, so she's known for her brawn and beauty.