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Her work has always been infused with "casual glamour," she says.
With work currently on display at the Museum of Liverpool, part of the Tales from the City exhibition, Glamour represents a major milestone in Youdan's career.
They dealt situation, the gentleman Holly "One of the models in Memorabilia's Glamour Zone noticed the pushchair and called security, who were only seconds away," said Glamour zone manager and Essex page three pin-up Holly McGuire.
Sadly those days are long gone, which is why it is always good to see an homage to the woman who was the epitome of glamour - Marilyn Monroe.
SEE the full interview in the November issue of Glamour - on sale from Monday.
Glamour has, like a sorcerer, continually reinvented itself.
Glamour said of Jennifer Lawrence: "It's not just what she wears, it's how she wears it.
ADD some sparkle and glamour to your home at a flick of the switch with this stunning chrome and crystal glass chandelier - it's the perfect modern twist on a classic number.
The two Conde Nast-owned magazines Vogue and Glamour have announced the hiring of new associate publishers.
London, June 4 ( ANI ): Dame Helen Mirren was honoured with a Glamour Icon award at the recently held Glamour Women Of The Year awards.
Although people often equate them, glamour is not the same as beauty, stylishness, luxury, celebrity, or sex appeal.
NEW YORK -- Lady Gaga has hailed teenage education activist Malala Yousafzai at the Glamour Women of the Year event , insisting the Pakistani youth was more deserving of the magazine's December cover than herself.