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SIR ALEX FERGUSON fired a salvo at Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger last night by declaring: "We seem to glamourise the foreigners in the English game.
A Channel 5 spokeswoman said: "We would never do anything that would glamourise crime.
Fabulous clips by Cherry Chau, from pounds 30 at Harvey Nichols, are perfect for popping on your pony-tail a la Sarah Jessica Parker or get creative and glamourise fine-knits and strappy tops for a Dolce & Gabbanna-style look at a fraction of the price.
A tenth of its audience were under 16 and "might regard the presenters as role models" so it "could be seen to glamourise the misuse of alcohol".
The handkerchief hem will show off just the right amount of luscious leg and I love the simple rope belt for daytime cool, or go instantly elegant and glamourise itwith a touch of diamante.
The show is often surprisingly bawdy - there is little attempt to glamourise the harsh realities of violence and poverty that characterised the life of mining communities in the Sixties.
The pretty victim - we are calling her Miss X to protect her identity - blasted ITV for using its sordid docu-soap to glamourise the two sleazebags for preying on female holidaymakers.
THE man behind a website exposing reckless motorists yesterday denied claims it will glamourise dangerous driving.
Lothian and Borders Deputy Chief Constable Tom Wood says top football sides and the nation's rugby squad are being used to glamourise booze, not health.
TV watchdogs last night demanded a clampdown on movies and drama shows that glamourise gun and knife violence.
The band's songs often appear to glamourise gangsters such as their top thirty hit King Of New York which was inspired by mafia boss John Gotti.