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But it ruled Corrie had not glamourised the crime and cleared it of any wrongdoing.
It may be a poor place, but it has an honesty and a decency about it that makes it superior to other, more glamourised areas such as its glitzy neighbour Newcastle, or the empty, more prosperous London.
He was willing to do it so as long neither terrorist group were going to be glamourised,'' said a source.
E has been linked to the glamourised rave culture but the hard truth is that E is a potentially fatal drug.
But they said that their job was glamourised by TV because the actual day-to-day work was exceptionally dull.
A report last month confirmed that violence is rife on American TV, featuring in 60 per cent of programmes an frequently glamourised.
Talking about " purists" who still have their fangs out against her for " trivialising cricket", she said: " It's ironic that the game itself has a much more glamourised avatar today, and I still get to be the lucky chick who has two or three OB vans parked outside her home whenever the IPL season takes off or there's anything newsworthy on cricket or cricketers.
The UN drugs watchdog report called for urgent action to tackle the "hidden problem" of illegal medi-cines glamourised by the tragic deaths of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy.
Welcome to Annie's Bar, legendary watering hole of MPs and soon to be glamourised with its own TV series.
The gang culture is just puerile naivete, glamourised by incidents like these.
COCAINE has been glamourised because of its use by celebrities but it's one of the most addictive drugs.
While we joked over it being used to fire up the national football team to victory it glamourised a certain form of patriotism which found a home in the National Front and also certain extreme racist groups in the American deep south.