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It is only a music video but it's images like this, with pop stars glamourising gangs, which means that some young people .
ADI has written to the singer outlining the group's worries over her glamourising of animals in circuses.
And the fact that so many so-called celebrities seem able to flaunt drug taking time and time again, is glamourising this deadly habit.
COMMUNITY leaders in crime-ridden Limerick have called for a ban on Bebo pages allegedly glamourising gang violence in the city.
Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan said: "The media are more responsible for glamourising violence than anyone.
Emo is has been accused of glamourising death, suicide and self-harm.
If Derren Brown wants to make programmes involving magic, then he should stick to that - not silly stunts glamourising crime.
SOMETIMES I'm guilty of glamourising the appeal of drunkenness, and the irresponsibility of this was brought home by George Best's battle against alcoholism.
In January, the MoD was accused of glamourising warfare when recruiting young people.
The gallery yesterday insisted that his work was not about glamourising theft.
Of course there's nothing new in this - Hollywood has always been accused of glamourising smoking - but surely the time has now come where film- makers must act responsibly.
Campaigners say the 30-second clip for Fuji Xerox should be banned for glamourising animal cruelty.