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Local politicians have now criticised the singer for glamourising gun violence and demanded an apology.
Emo is has been accused of glamourising death, suicide and self-harm.
ADI has written to the singer outlining the group's worries over her glamourising of animals in circuses.
And the fact that so many so-called celebrities seem able to flaunt drug taking time and time again, is glamourising this deadly habit.
COMMUNITY leaders in crime-ridden Limerick have called for a ban on Bebo pages allegedly glamourising gang violence in the city.
Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan said: "The media are more responsible for glamourising violence than anyone.
But yesterday the star said he was horrified at the idea that he was glamourising drugs.
The victim - we are calling her Miss X to protect her identity - blasted ITV for using its sordid docu-soap to glamourising the two sleazebags for preying on female holidaymakers.
This has allowed tobacco firms to create more feminine brands - such as the Vogue cigarettes - further glamourising the habit.
BUDGET: Bring on the party season with Vie's Bedazzled Glamourising Glitter for pounds 10.
When a report produced by the Centre for Management Studies at Bangor identified that local school children had negative perceptions about engineering as a future career it would have been easy to accept that in this day of celebrity culture nothing short of a TV show glamourising the career would change that.
Critics yesterday accused him of glamourising his past in Other People's Money.