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She is a little older than the other girls and maybe that's a reason she tries a little harder to stay fit and look glamourous at all times.
Among the suits paraded on the runways were Dolce & Gabbana's gold satin pantsuit that can take you into a glamourous evening.
THIS glamourous 24 year old was born in Derbyshire - her parents Karl and Ann own a pub there.
But what we bet you didn't know is when Drew Barrymore was still in diapers, Charlie's Angels was a TV show that was as campy as it was glamourous.
Ironically the main attractions at the air show were the many warplanes, which are portrayed as glamourous high-tech machines somehow not connected to their roles as purveyors of death and destruction during war.
They both have regular jobs rather than glamourous careers that require them to wear provocative clothes.
It turns out the most glamourous event in New York City was not good enough for the "World's Most Beautiful Woman".
Gwynnie, 40, missed out on the London premiere of the Iron Man franchise as she chose instead to hang out with a load of way more glamourous people at Tiffany's Blue Book Ball on Thursday night.
RORY McIlroy was back on his home turf this week with a glamourous new birdie in tow.
TONIGHT'S match in Prague is almost certain to attract the fewest viewers on Sky's interactive service, although those who tune into more glamourous fixtures may end up missing a decent tie.
Katrina, who has always struggled with her limited Hindi and its UK accent, hopes the audiences love her in this non- glamourous, cotton sariclad, serious role.