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Nothing was burning on the hillside, though from the common there still came a red glare and a rolling tumult of ruddy smoke beating up against the drench- ing hail.
The only obstruction was from a silk curtain, drawn across the window to keep out the glare. He sat beside her, holding her hand, well knowing that the comfort of his presence was the best restorative for her.
The glare grew brighter, the roar of voices deeper; the crash of heavy bodies falling, shook the air; bright streams of sparks rose up into the sky; but louder than them all-- rising faster far, to Heaven--a million times more fierce and furious--pouring forth dreadful secrets after its long silence-- speaking the language of the dead--the Bell--the Bell!
The glare of the flames had sunk into a fitful, flashing light; and the gentle stars, invisible till now, looked down upon the blackening heap.
My gorge rose at the long, low billows-sleek as black satin - lifting and dipping in this ghastly glare. I preferred to keep my eyes upon the little ship burning like a tar barrel as the picture grew.
About the third or fourth or fifth time that we swung out into the glare -- it was along there somewhere, a couple of hours or so after sun-up -- it wasn't as pleas- ant as it had been.
Yellow-tinted lenses have long been used by aviators, skiers and others looking to reduce glare during the day, which makes sense, according to Massof.
Display: 1920x1080 anti Glare technology, 144Hz refresh rate, 300 Nits Brightness
Drivers were less clear on the likely causes of glare. Half blamed vehicles that sit higher on the road, such as increasingly popular sports utility vehicles (SUVs).
The UK distributor explained that glare management is an important element of any low vision service but accessing the range of filters and tints that address the needs of low vision patients can be challenging.
Barun Kumar Nayak (Hinduja Hospital), a sportsman himself, says, "it was due to glare effect, as the sun must be very low in height and the pitch must be in east - west direction".
Anecdotal reports suggest that glare is a frequent complaint among roof bolter operators, and glare decreases the ability of the worker to see hazards.