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Position of the glare source in the field of view (position index)
Body language can change the position index of a glare source to as little as Vie of the discomforting effect it would have if it were located on the line of sight (Handbook, Fig.
Note that there is still discussion on how to select the daylight glare source luminance "threshold".
In actual workspaces the field of view (FOV) is centered in the task and, depending on the equipment layout, the glare source is somewhere around the task within the worker's FOV.
Each time a filter was placed in front of the glare source it was switched on for a few seconds, and participants were asked to indicate orally on the 9-point DeBoer rating scale how they judge the glare illuminance (e.
Although a luminance map provides a highly detailed representation of the visual environment, there remains the challenge of determining what regions in the image constitute a glare source in order to compute glare discomfort metrics such as the DGI.
Table 3 shows that the single best predictor of participant satisfaction (relative to all questions) is typically the DGI values derived from the glare source identification threshold of 500 cd/[m.
In addition, the uniformity f was calculated (ratio of minimum illuminance at one of the measuring points in the measuring great to the mean illuminance), possible glare sources were identified and the colour rendering index [R.
The luminaire's low glare and high uniformity benefits promote improved performance in security camera operation, since cameras are susceptible to glare sources and work better with a smaller range of scene brightness.
Physiological glare, also called the disability glare, occurs when one or more glare sources occurs in the field of vision.