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But the rift it has caused between older and newer members was glaringly evident as the interior ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary voted against the plan at a meeting in Brussels, with Finland abstaining.
She's certainly very well turned out but - perhaps fittingly - it's glaringly obvious that her style's more Conservative than catwalk.
James was glaringly incorrect in stating that Winchester's "Perfect Repeater" was "originally produced in 12 gauge" ("Gun Room," April 2015).
Ok, she's got a gig in a new TV show "Rihla" (Journey), but despite the fact that her part is glaringly similar to that of Hind Rustum in her film "Al Akh Al Kabeer" (The Big Brother) back in the 1950s, Ola Ghanem is adamantly deniying that she's imitating the late actress.
Marc Silver's docu wisely lets that complex issue play out in the viewer's mind without debating it onscreen; this vivid case, in which cameras had full courtroom access, requires no outside commentary for its larger social relevance to be glaringly clear.
The reason for placing a transformative eros at the heart of the gender debates is to correct the glaringly absent focus on intimacy and love in Africa, and to attempt to legitimate and build its recognition as an important analytic category of research.
But where the United States glaringly failed, the Russians likewise glaringly succeeded.
The Collins 'Read On' series with its short, accessible texts, clear font and coloured illustrations seems firmly aimed at reluctant or less able readers; it seems a shame then that the paper is so glaringly white.
Then there are those who have clearly not fitted bulbs properly so that one is dim and the other glaringly bright.
austin Powers: international Man of Mystery C5, 11.05pm Mike Myers stars as a secret agent cryogenically frozen in the 1960s, who is woken up in the '90s but finds his attitudes now glaringly out of place.
At first, her long, floaty skirt, with a black-and-white tie-dye pattern, appeared to keep everything covered but as she walked, its thigh-high slit became glaringly apparent, so did her black Spanx.
It is glaringly obvious that knocking off the bails should be deemed an offence the equivalent of overstepping the crease.