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The reason for placing a transformative eros at the heart of the gender debates is to correct the glaringly absent focus on intimacy and love in Africa, and to attempt to legitimate and build its recognition as an important analytic category of research.
Have any of the brains of Birmingham City Council ever considered a glaringly obvious other reason for having to gleefully impose this pathetic 20mph millstone around the necks of the hitherto 95 per cent of careful and considerate motorists?
But where the United States glaringly failed, the Russians likewise glaringly succeeded.
The Collins 'Read On' series with its short, accessible texts, clear font and coloured illustrations seems firmly aimed at reluctant or less able readers; it seems a shame then that the paper is so glaringly white.
THE threat that hung over Newcastle's libraries is a reminder that, though George Osborne's Budget ticked some important boxes, others were left glaringly empty.
Then there are those who have clearly not fitted bulbs properly so that one is dim and the other glaringly bright.
05pm Mike Myers stars as a secret agent cryogenically frozen in the 1960s, who is woken up in the '90s but finds his attitudes now glaringly out of place.
At first, her long, floaty skirt, with a black-and-white tie-dye pattern, appeared to keep everything covered but as she walked, its thigh-high slit became glaringly apparent, so did her black Spanx.
It is glaringly obvious that knocking off the bails should be deemed an offence the equivalent of overstepping the crease.
Strongly opposing the plans, Wildlife Matters, an organisation that works to conserve wildlife has said that while the consequences of passing through wildlife habitats are glaringly obvious in the number of wildlife deaths due to railway lines in Assam, West Bengal and Jharkhand, a similar fate is expected for wildlife in Bandipur if the proposals for the railway line move ahead.
He said Quaid founded the country on the ideal of Islamic brotherhood but today this brotherhood was glaringly lacking.
The transformation is vague in the country's socio-political life, he says, but glaringly obvious in literature.