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In the search for efficiency, sometimes visual performance and safety are compromised, such as in street lighting retrofits when roadways are relighted with glary, shallow, open-bottom LED units that replace existing refractor/cobra heads.
Set up at a spot with a wide-open view of the sky and no glary lights.
And Venus is so bright and glary that its gibbous shape is actually easier to see against a bright sky than against the dark background of night.
The teenager had been questioned by officers after they linked a car parked outside his home to a bur glary in the Wolverhampton area.
At an outdoors rural cafe, the few tables scattered over a wide glary courtyard, we four the lone lunch guests at this late siesta hour .
Dress very warmly, and bring out a reclining lawn chair to a spot with an open view of the overhead sky and with no glary lights.
Police are linking the incident to a distraction bur- glary at the home of a 90- year-old man in Ralph Crescent, the same day.
We went in and examined how we could create spaces that were visually dynamic and pleasing to the visitors but not overwhelmingly glary and dramatic for the student residents," says David Orgish, a lighting designer with O'Mahony & Myer.
The ubiquitous but glary fixtures dubbed "yard blasters" (far left) by amateur astronomers use relatively inefficient and environmentally dangerous mercury-vapor bulbs.
You challenged readers to try for Mimas, Saturn's tiny satellite just outside the rings, because the rings are nearly edge on this year and much less glary than usual (April issue, page 54).