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We deliver to whatever partner is open the day of the glean," Cohen, the director, explains.
After all, the main competitor, DuPont, has had Finesse and Glean herbicides in the wheat market for many years.
Five different subgroups (swoops, ground glean, aerial, bark glean, foliage) of foraging strategies were observed.
To approach the book as a "quick read" would be a disservice because there is so much to glean.
Through his stonewalling and deceit, viewers were able to glean only one fact that they might not have already known: that the Modesto Democrat has no remorse, no shame and no concern about Chandra Levy.
Overweight survivors glean the most pronounced benefit, she finds.
You'll like this if: You're a psych major, a Hollywood insider who hopes to glean something from these shorts that will help in future negotiations with these stars and directors, or have a sense of humor.
Children glean a basic understanding of the immune system and the bugs that test it.
There's plenty of overage of fresh fruits and vegetables, which our volunteers glean from the fields at 5 a.
Casati breaks down , the mystery of shadows in an effort to reconcile their mystique with the scope of the knowledge that scientists can glean from them.
Scientists are drawing heavily on a new field of study called astrobiology--a synthesis of biology, astronomy, and paleontology--to glean information from our past and from the life and times of other planets in order to establish what the future might hold.