glean information

See: peruse
References in classic literature ?
Vandenhuten's, scarcely hoping to find him at home; for a week had barely elapsed since my first call: but fancying I might be able to glean information as to the time when his return was expected.
Summary: Meltwater CEO said companies can now glean information about their competitors, which was impossible two decades ago, just from the …
Investigators said they had not yet determined Kelley's motive but were looking into his social media activity to glean information.
Trained as a spy in London, she uses her medical training as a cover to glean information from injured enemy soldiers.
But until now, the population of known ancient quasars was fairly small, so scientists' ability to glean information from them was limited.
surveillance on millions of devices to glean information from metadata, was
O'Bannion, to glean information from the town's teens, who tell tales of their parents' fervent devotion to their local pastor, an outspoken bigot.
It is believed gardai are trawling through social media posts to glean information on those involved.
As the month of September kicks off, 1 Million Cups Missoula's standing Wednesday meetup at MonTEC has filled up with interesting presenters for the startup community to hear and glean information from.
The use of diagrams, tables and images helps the reader to quickly glean information at a glance.
Summary: Foreign Minister says consular presence in Syria will help Tunisia glean information on 3,000 Tunisians who have left to fight for Islamist extremists.
ROY WOOLMANS: The doctor was trying to glean information to help the young lady.