glean information

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References in classic literature ?
Vandenhuten's, scarcely hoping to find him at home; for a week had barely elapsed since my first call: but fancying I might be able to glean information as to the time when his return was expected.
In short, by analyzing how management exercises its reporting discretion, careful readers of financial statements can glean information held by corporate insiders before it becomes public.
Aiming elementary particles at surfaces and observing the result in order to glean information on the material is an old discipline: spectroscopy using photons has been performed for more than a century.
It's incredibly important that we glean information from the best people out there.
In his final interrogation a CIA officer tried to glean information from Rasul by offering him fizzy drink or an ice-cream.
For those without the advantage of older relatives to glean information from, twentieth century family history can be full of obstacles, including privacy rulings, data protection and family secrets.
From sites such as Ogofu Elwy we can glean information on the climate and animals that existed long ago.
Kelly would then get off at the next station - including Cardiff and Newport - and make for the nearest bank to glean information from the stolen credit cards before starting to spend.
Some even urge the captives should be tortured to glean information about any future attacks.
There will be a spares and repairs area and visitors will also be able to glean information on clubs and societies open to enthusiasts.
Images from some of the most-popular archaeological sites are presented as examples of how to glean information about the history, social structure, and funerary beliefs of the people who were there.
Visitors thronged the 190 trade stands and 32 breed society exhibits throughout the day to glean information on all the latest technical, business and marketing developments in the sheep industry and both trade stand exhibitors and breed societies reported good business.