glean information

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References in classic literature ?
Vandenhuten's, scarcely hoping to find him at home; for a week had barely elapsed since my first call: but fancying I might be able to glean information as to the time when his return was expected.
The detective is constantly on the move through this well-paced thriller, making mistakes and struggling to glean information and insights.
The Express Tribune discussed with a number of PTI leaders to glean information about back-to-back meetings being held at Bani Gala to discuss the party's choices for the top executive posts in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The North Korean leader is also apparently taking defensive measures to prevent intelligence agencies from trying to glean information about his health: he's packed his own toilet.
At trial, his father claimed he was associating with drug traffickers in 'order to glean information about who had killed his son'.
The picture got close enough to Betelgeuse's surface that experts were able to glean information about its temperature and formation.
Summary: Meltwater CEO said companies can now glean information about their competitors, which was impossible two decades ago, just from the …
Trained as a spy in London, she uses her medical training as a cover to glean information from injured enemy soldiers.
But until now, the population of known ancient quasars was fairly small, so scientists' ability to glean information from them was limited.
Researchers glean information from earthquakes, diamonds and even rumbles from nuclear bomb tests.
surveillance on millions of devices to glean information from metadata, was
Milan enlists his young assistant, Kevin "K.O." O'Bannion, to glean information from the town's teens, who tell tales of their parents' fervent devotion to their local pastor, an outspoken bigot.