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Furthermore, many respondents indicated that they complemented their gleaned diets by purchasing organic groceries which often come from local, sustainable farms.
Additionally, the information gleaned from our device must be accurate and actionable without causing false positives or negatives.
In addition to the shockingly dark and funny stories, all gleaned from the authors' case files, A Woman's Guide to Revenge is filled with tips of professional expertise concerning how to spot a cheating lover, what legal steps one can take, and when to hire a private investigator.
The study includes executives based in a wide variety of industries throughout North America and Europe and insight gleaned from top executives at conferences held recently by The Conference Board.
Gleaned largely from criminal interrogation records, it seems likely that the nicknames reflect the values of the criminal milieu more than they express solidarity with social outsiders within popular culture at large.
95) uses the fun and colorful lessons gleaned from folk story teller Hans Christian Andersen to provide links between the lessons of his folk stories and the modern workplace.
In Salut, Varda gleaned from the thousands of photos she snapped on a trip through revolutionary Cuba those that lionize the country, its artists in particular, and "animated" them with a rapid, rhythmic montage.
Lester Fisher's stories of zoo encounters gleaned from wild animal experiences from around the world.
The reading of resistance sees the text as so steeped in patriarchy that little if anything can be gleaned from it other than to study it as yet another example of the religious tradition's suppression of women.
Information gleaned from these groups helped formulate a web based survey that went to all members.
IMCA's Showcase Awards are judged by a panel gleaned from the public relations and advertising industries.
The BPS data is gleaned from both student and institutional rates.