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Mortimer noted her sparkling glances which took in everything, and went out of her way to show Saxon around, doing it under the guise of gleeful boastings, stating the costs of the different materials, explaining how she had done things with her own hands, such as staining the doors, weathering the bookcases, and putting together the big Mission Morris chair.
Turn his face the other way," the paunchy terrorist directed, in an excited, gleeful squeak.
Weller's anger quickly gave way to curiosity when the procession turned down the identical courtyard in which he had met with the runaway Job Trotter; and curiosity was exchanged for a feeling of the most gleeful astonishment, when the all-important Mr.
The murals in Pompeii's Suburban Baths, for one, offer paintings of men mounting boys and a gleeful foursome (a woman performing cunnilingus on another woman while a man plunges into a man kneeling before him).
After last weekend's heroics, the home fans' gleeful expressions swiftly turned as grey as the dank afternoon.
What is distasteful is the gleeful tone of these documentaries, when it should be one of sadness.
The happiest, most idyllic part of life, Danzon suggests, is in the innocence of pubescent sex, with horseplay marked by gleeful shrieks, as when the dancers, naked, chase each other behind a projection of leafy woods.
When gleeful Germans took sledgehammers to the Berlin Wall in 1989, a triumphant cry resounded throughout the West.
Tune into virtually any daytime television show, and one is treated to an unending parade of gleeful male bashing.
GLEEFUL Lee Dickson celebrates his try for Northampton
Once you rediscover that sense of gleeful abandon you'll find your orgasm will get stronger and the enjoyment on your lover's face may be enough to help you climax.