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The pause, when it arrives two-thirds through, is a fully committed two seconds of silence that also functions as a Structural Pause: It heralds a switch of topic and attitude from the slavish desire for airplay to a gleeful skewering of the imagined DJ who opts not to play it, followed by a flurry of profanity that of course precludes airplay.
It's certainly a gleeful attack on bankers, political correctness and the racial politics of those times.
Fresh from a visit to Moscow, a gleeful President Hugo Chavez pored over diagrams and charts showing his latest arms purchases.
As the Washington state-based quintet spews slashing, tuneful guitar rock in the mode of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, front man John Healy evokes the gleeful belligerence of a young Mick Jagger, ranting about natural disasters, religious visions, and that old favorite, treacherous chicks.
The enthusiastic bordering on outrageous art emphasizes the sense of whimsy and pure fun that comes from the gleeful lyrics.
A confessed Judy Garland fan, she opens with a light, gleeful rendition of "Get Happy," enlivened by a small brass ensemble.
Councillors fought for position as questions were raised and answers given' some reacted with gleeful delight others with utter despair.
Center's ads became instant, juicy fodder for right-wing religious groups, which seized on the ad campaign and produced articles with gleeful titles like "California Homosexual Organization Admits HIV/AIDS Is a Gay Disease" (www.
A photograph of the Indiana lynching party, complete with gleeful whites, still has the emotional clout of watching the video of the brutal beating of Rodney King by the L.
He made Gigue in Balanchine's Mozartiana memorable with his precision footwork, and he endowed Puck of A Midsummer Night's Dream with gleeful mischievousness.
While the per unit savings may have been more than enough to make even the most fiscally conservative members of Congress gleeful, it meant a new series of obstacles for Lockheed, since the new partners would need access to top-secret data, not to mention the necessity to spread the wealth in terms of supplier contracts within the partner countries.